The Republic of Canada is the second country to the globe’s largest country to exceed other countries in terms of size and landmass. The Republic of Canada roughly covers about a two fifth of the North America’s continent. However, even with the large land mass, Canada is still among the world less populated countries. This factor is as a result of the Canadian landscape and geography, which also forms a national identity for the Canadian republic.

Despite the well-known fact that the Canadian population is low, they are still considered as what the world would rate as a model in practice of a multicultural society, which means they function well in accommodating immigrants from all over the world. Canada is also known globally for their huge wealth resources, which they export for the purpose of trade and also, they are reputable for possessing an intellectual capital, which cannot be bested by other developed countries.

The official language of Canada is English and French, thus this is to say it is a bilingual country. The country has a rich and deep history which can be backdated to the power tussle made for the colony by two big European powers. The Canadian country got its name from the Iroquois who gave the name Kanata, which means settlement or village. But that all changed in the 16th century when an European explorer who went by the name of Jacques Cartier used the name Canada to refer to a particular place then, which presently is known as Quebec city.

The name Canada later became an official name of the colony, as referred to by the French government and this name lasted as from the year 1534 to 1763, before the French government was then defeated by the British government. After the conquest of France by the British, the name of the colony was changed to Quebec by the British although the name was not officially stated, until in the year 1791, when the British accepted the name Canada and divided Canada by east and west Medicine Direct.

In the year 1931, the Canadian state became an independent self-governing state but was controlled by the British Empire. They had no full power of legislative actions until in the year of 1982 when they obtained the power of their own to control their own constitutional rights.


The Canadian government has a reputable status of being an influential member of the Commonwealth of Nations and as well they are recognized for their presiding role in La Francophonie, which is an organization which hosts the league of all French-speaking countries.

The Canadian government also played a role in the formation of the United Nations and since then it has been an active member of the main UN agencies and other worldwide organizations. The Canadian government in 1989, signed a free trade agreement with the United States of America and in the same year, it joined the Organization of American States.

The capital of Canada is Ottawa. The capital is known for being among the world largest cities and it takes the fourth place in the world. Ottawa which is the capital of Canada is known for being the powerhouse of the Canadian government, the parliament of Canada and much of its history and historical sites are located there. There also are other large cities in Canada which are known for their exceeding cultural, educational and population craftsmanship, and they include; Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Calgary and a host of others

There also are significantly top ranking cities in Canada that are reputable for the cities sanitary conditions. These cities have a good administration system which makes the citizens compliant to the laws of the region and thus the cities are well known for their admirable acts and deeds in maintaining a sanitary environment.

The Canadian cities are known for their good management of the waste system, and an improper management of the waste could lead to the decline in the reputable status of their city’s sanitary position and could go below-accepted standard.

Also, Canada is known for having one of the best green life management systems, they see the usefulness of nature as a means for maintaining a good environment.


The most recent spring cleaning was held in 1000 parks, where many Canadians volunteered to clean and also, other places like roadways, green places were cleaned as well.

Montreal which is another ranked city in Canada, which is known for its cleanliness is more recognized for their management of clear skies. Montreal has some induced program, which is aimed at smog reduction. Their smog programs are aimed at motorists, whom they try to persuade to either leave their cars at home or learn a new way of driving better which does not affect the environmental atmosphere in any way.

The brilliant city of Calgary is known for their expensive technology. They are aimed at improving the technological living standard of their population, thus they are active in enhancing the way of locomotion in the region. The city is known for its large amassment of trains and natural resources.

This is a feature of the city which makes it superior to the other cities of its caliber. The city is also regarded for their innovative waste management system and environmental educational system, which is aimed at conditioning their citizens to see the goodness of a clean environment.